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Victoria Zanardi Showcases Grace Adele

Newport - Grace Adele will be a highlighted vendor at the upcoming Give & Glam girls night out event at Belle Mer on October 4 2012. Grace Adele is a popular handbag and accessory company …

Newport - Grace Adele will be a highlighted vendor at the upcoming Give & Glam girls night out event at Belle Mer on October 4 2012. Grace Adele is a popular handbag and accessory company

Read Victoria's story:

My Grace Adele story begins with Scentsy. I was introduced to Scentsy in the Fall of 2009 by my dear friend, Sonya Houle. Being somewhat of a candle freak, I immediately fell in love with the concept of Scentsy. There was no flame, no soot, no mess – Scentsy was safe, practical, and inexpensive. What wasn’t there to love?

I was making a very good living wearing suits but I was unhappy and I felt something was missing from my life. I didn’t feel like I was making a difference. I worked all day and just did not feel like I was contriubing to society in any way. I was empty inside. I also had this new little grandson that I so wanted to spend more time with but he was always asleep by the time I arrived home from work.

Sonya told me about a very successful lady in Direct Sales and suggested I listen to her speak. I did. I then proceed to drink the cool-aid. These ladies in Becca Levie’s organization sounded wonderful and I wanted what they had. I joined Scentsy in August of 2010 because my professional job with suits was keeping me at work late at night. I got home after my grandson went to bed and I wanted more quality time with him. I wanted to feel like I was making a difference in the world. I wanted to help other people be successful. I had no idea what the commission structure was, I wasn’t sure how to do a party, I just knew Scentsy smelled good, it was popular, and I had fallen in love with this woman Becca Levie.

Fast forward two years. I found my calling. Scentsy has been everything I was looking for plus so much more. I love the company, I love the culture, I just love Scentsy! I am a Director with a team of over 120 people now. I would not change anything.

In March of 2012, they even launched a New Brand called "Velata" – Belgian Chocolate and Fun Fondue Warmers– Delicious – enough said!

However, I have found myself occasionally wondering “what if” (what if questions are always dangerous). “What if” I would have joined one of those jewelry companies because I so love that stuff.

Then, it was as if Scentsy read my mind. August of 2012, Scentsy introduced a New Brand called "Grace Adele".Grace Adele is handbags, clutches, accessories, and jewelry that mix and match so you can create stunning looks effortlessly. Grace Adele is a complete fashion package and it is simple.

If you want to take a look at how it all works, go to https://victoriazanardi.graceadele.us/GraceAdele/Buy/BuildMyLook - There is even a place where you can pick your handbag, add your clutch and accessories to see what it will look like before you purchase it. Go to "Shop" on my website and "Build Your Look "– it’s fun. One handbag and two clutches will give you five totally different looks for a stylish purses, even more if you use different accessories.

The fun doesn’t stop there! There is jewelry that mixes and matches with the handbags as well! There are options for wallets, phone cases, tons of clips on, and jewelry that all compliment the bags. Very cutting edge. Very cool. There will be shoes coming soon also. It really will offer the complete look from head to toe. Handbags, accessories, jewelry, and shoes.

I am so excited for the future with Grace Adele. I’m still a Scentsy girl and I always will be – I really do love Scentsy – but Grace Adele, now we’re talking love, fun, friends, AND FASHION… yeah, baby… I’m all in!

Gather the girls and let’s party! You can create your own fashion trend for free and discounted prices. All you need is $150 in Party Sales to start accumulating Hostess Rewards. I’d love to help you earn free products. Let’s set a date to get some friends together so you can enjoy your free and 50% off shopping spree!

Do you LOVE purses, jewelry, and all that jazz? How would you like to make some extra money while you have fun helping other women shop till they drop? What could be more rewarding than helping others feel beautiful and more confident in how they look? Fun, laughter, friends, beautiful purses, smart accessories, and exquisite jewelry… and they say this is work? Join the fun today…. https://victoriazanardi.graceadele.us/GraceAdele/Join

I would love to hear from you!

Victoria Zanardi, Independent Director

207-692-6770 * victoria.zanardi@yahoo.com

Scentsy Website Link: https://victoriazanardi.scentsy.us

Velata Website Link: https://victoriazanardi.velata.us

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